Multi-Purpose Grout Pump


The Multi-Purpose hand pump is designed to achieve cost-effective performance. The simple, robust design ensures that the unit is not only highly reliable but also easy to clean, service and maintain. It is light in weight and is easy to move, transport and set up

  • Overall length – 400 mm  
  • Overall height of pump – 820 mm  
  • Weight of pump only  – 9,6 kg  
  • Weight of mixing container – 10.2 kg  
  • Total weight – 19.8 kg  
  • Pump delivery – 30 Litres per minute  
  • Output pressure – Up to 10 Bar  
  • Capacity to water levels – 4 or 8 Litres of water  
  • Delivery hose of 20 mm – 5 Metres  
  • 4 litres mixed with 10 kg grout – 7.2 Litres grout mixture  
  • 8 Litres mixed with 20 kg of grout – 14.2 Litres of grout mixture

Advantages of the Multi-Purpose Hand Pump

  1. Does not support combustion
  2. The pump can easily be removed from the container
  3. The unit has a minimum number of working parts
  4. Can be used in areas where compressed air is not available
  5. No tools required to service or repair the pump
  6. Unskilled labour can repair the pump with an available seal kit
  7. Low cost on wearing parts
  8. Low Maintenance or repair costs
  9. Reduced Capital cost for purchase and al parts is available

Cable Anchor Grout Capsules

25mm – 65mm x 10 – 15kg

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